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Tu es mon Tresor is a luxury women’s denim brand with the distinctively feminine identity.

We are inspired by real women and her real wardrobe. We translate the magic of dressing up in the bedroom; its personal and intimate approach in creating an alternative space for the feminine denim within the high fashion context. Concise yet eclectic collection of denim embodies a vintage aesthetic, yet impeccably tailored for a modern fit. Its classic silhouettes are easy to wear and encourages individual instincts.

We place craftsmanship at the heart of the brand. Our products are painstakingly perfected to last, with using the highest quality materials, process and production available in Japan. We believe that through developing lasting products, we are able to inspire mindful consumption habit; wear more buy less.

Our core collection, crafted in Japan from hybrid fiber denim and softened for velour like touch, is designed to make the female body look most beautiful and feel most comfortable. This innovative fabric with both stretch and contract characteristics lets the body move freely while being elegantly shaped.

Drawing upon our admiration for Japanese craftswoman, we offer luxury customization service; ornamentation with an eclectic selection of pearl, bijou and fabric, each pair entirely hand-embroidered.

Refined design and a distinctive imaginary - each aspect of the brand has been throughly considered in the conception. Motivated by our passion for multidisciplinary artistic expression, Tu es mon Tresor emerges as a creative brand that goes beyond denim.


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